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Do I need to be there when the sales representative is giving an estimate?
It is recommended that you be present at the time that an estimate is being drafted to discuss if there are specific landscaping concerns or access challenges to your property.

How soon can you do my job?
Once you make the inital request for an estimate, the appointment time can vary, depending on weather conditions and what the current schedule already includes. In most cases that are not considered emergency situations, the job can be completed within the week.

How deep will my stumps be ground?
Normally the stumps will be ground 6"- 8" below ground level. There may be additional charges for grinding surface roots in the surrounding area.
How much does your company charge?
The cost of any job can vary greatly depending on the location, size and how dangerous the job may be. Please feel free to utilize the free estimate page or contact us with pricing questions.

When is the best time for trimming?
The best time to trim your trees is between November and February, however pruning may be done at any time.

I have other questions, how do I contact you?

Please feel free to call us with any questions at: 704-724-3706 or click here to email us.

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